Essential Cuisine logoWe are now STOCKing Essential Cuise's range of Stocks, Gravies, Jus, Demi-Glaces and Glaces; all ingredients to inspire you to unleash your creativity, whilst always delivering great taste and performance. 
Established in 2001, Essential Cuisine has already become one of the foremost suppliers of stocks, sauces and gravies to the UK’s foodservice and food manufacturing sectors. Made by chefs, with the taste and versatility to make your dishes exceptional.

Gluten-Free Stock Mixes Yield 50/40 Litres

beef 400 400x400Beef - 800g
Chicken - 800g
Vegetable - 800g
Fish - 700g
Veal - 700g
Lamb - 700g

Gluten-Free Premier Jus - Yield 8 Litres

veal premier jus

Premier Veal Jus - 1kg

Premier Lamb Jus - 1kg

Premier Chicken Jus - 1kg


Classic Mixes - Yield 22 Litres

chicken classic demi glace

Beef Demi-Glace - 1.5kg

Veal Demi-Glace - 1.5kg

Chicken Demi-Glace - 1.5kg


Gluten-Free Glaces

lobster glace1

Lobster - 600g

Game - 600g

Wild Mushroom - 600g

Duck Glace - 600g

No.1 Gravy - Yield 20 Litres

beef gravy

Beef Gravy - 1.5kg

Chicken Gravy - 1.5kg

Savoury Gravy (Gluten-Free) - 1.5kg